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Why did you hide it so long? You must learn how to trust in others, Mitsuru. There are things in this world that cannot be accomplished alone, no matter how many sacrifices you make. I had no intention of concealing the truth from them. For her to awaken to her power It must be fate Father? It seemed her father had something to tell us.

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Persona 3 is a story about bonds and how they can make people more powerful. This LP helped remind me of why I loved this game in the first place. The cast is pretty great. Junpei, Yukari no, really , and Aigis are my favorites.

Show of your reasons with matches displayed in the manner of a conventional dating website according to data that Facebook has gathered on its users see Dalrymple (), and the level of fights dating.

Accepted Answer Rank 4: Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and that you don’t want him to misunderstand you. When he asks you if he’s changing, tell him he’s becoming very awesome Rank 9: When he asks you about these feelings he’s having, tell him it’s love. This response won’t appear if you missed the other two flags.

Then obviously you say yes when he asks you to be his.

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January 30, Hello everyone. While I wait for a gas cylinder to arrive to my humble abode and is therefore unable to play, watch or listen to anything in case I miss the call, I thought to myself: Seriously though, is this a common thing abroad?

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I am practically screaming at a brick wall within my own psyche by this point. I just cannot bring myself to enjoy Persona 4. The more I think about it, the more problems I find and want to bitch about. Once I finish this review, I will just live my life as if this installment meant nothing to me. Maybe one day, I’ll pick up the original Persona 4, just to get a better sense of the gameplay.

Otherwise, if I have killer hangover and have the need to be blinded by yellow, I’ll just watch the anime. Now, let’s finish this review. Onto things I am more positive about before I give out my already controversial final verdict. I was tempted to throw in a gag about how much I hate the concert scene again since I may not have the chance BUT I’ll stop being petty.

Persona 3 FES: Battle With The Abyss

Accepted Answer Rank 4: Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and that you don’t want him to misunderstand you. When he asks you if he’s changing, tell him he’s becoming very awesome Rank 9: When he asks you about these feelings he’s having, tell him it’s love. This response won’t appear if you missed the other two flags.

May 02,  · Maybe because I didn’t play P3P. I don’t care for her design but her weapon is cool. Akihiko, Shinji, and freaking Koromaru, and some of those really improverd on the images we had on the characters, she also make yukari bearable. shinji’s was cute considering you were helping him to talk with the crew and not just plain dating, but.

This game has almost everything final fantasy like battling monsters with a mix of Sims where I control how to study and earn money and make friends and and and and and is part otome game!!!! Don’t you just love to pick your own love interest X3 Trailer and gameplay. Picked the Japanese one because it shows more of the game. So I saw this game on the PS website a long time ago and was like should I? I prefer Minako because I hate the name Hamuko which makes her sound like some ham eating cow sloppily swathed in a way too long kimono.

Ok I guess I shall ramble about parts of the plot first. So MC is an orphan who transfered to Gekkoukan High in Port Island where unknown to many, there are 25 hours in a day with the 25th hour known as the Dark Hour where monsters known as Shadows come out to prey on unfortunate humans. Story wise, I think its pretty good with all the twists where I was sniffling and blinking away tears at the end ;A; Oh btw, you call forth your persona by shooting yourself in the head with a gun-like evoker.

Some think its cool some think its controversial but I don’t really care. I much prefer to shoot the Shadows with it if you ask me. The best thing about the battle system is no random encounters!!!

Shin Megami Tensei and Persona Thread 3 : Mainiacs Edition

Conflict Ball – In The Answer, the party falls apart and turns to infighting as to whether or not they should change the past. They figure things out and make up, eventually. Continuity Nod – Quite a few to the previous games and Persona 4. Their presence would normally lead one to assume the games are in the same continuity, but some difficulties, such as the lack of demons in the later two games, has lead to no little confusion among the fanbase as to whether the some or all of the games are in the same continuity , in an Alternate Continuity , represent one or more reboots of the continuity , or are completely unrelated with similar concepts.

Word of God states the butterflies are Philemon, who is still around in 3, just taking more of an observer role. Igor and the Velvet Room appear, Igor with an identical appearance to his other appearances and in the same role, and the Velvet Room is as always blue, although it’s appearance changes from installment to installment.

Jul 21,  · 7 Incredibly Hard Super Bosses You Definitely Didn’t Beat First Time Round (Final Fantasy Edition) – Duration: Final Fantasy Union , views.

This can’t be right, Akihiko decides. Though I’m sure they’ve been leaked Because I hate you. It didn’t make sense, either. Akihiko, who had been best friends with Shinjiro for practically as long as he could remember, just didn’t seem to get it. How could Shinjiro and Minako, of all people be dating? They didn’t seem like they had much in common at all, along with the fact their mere personalities and appearances clashed altogether.

Simply put, he was a big, scary, punk-ass-dark-alley-dwelling delinquent, and Minako being the sweet, smart, albeit a tad quirky girl she was, being in both an athletic club as well as the art club, volunteering on the school council and spending time with the old bookstore-owning couple, not to mention fighting and leading in the Tartarus. He was her foil, and whatever they had in common, Akihiko probably wouldn’t believe. Something just didn’t add up, and Akihiko was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Or at least try. But it was plenty frustrating watching them smile at each other and then go out to get something to eat, or just spend some time walking togeth– Wait, hold up, rewind, go back a few frames. Shinjiro Aragaki, smiling at Minako.

Pin by Shiro Narukami on Persona

Though I got eight hours of sleep and did not watch the stream, I still ended up cranky and angry at the world. And I liked three out of the four new games! How can something I like make me ecstatic and piss me off so much at the time?!

This is a sister post to The Psychology Behind Persona 4, and was inspired by one of our commenters (Snowley) and a long volley of e-mails back and forth between myself and the interest of not distracting you with our lovely icons, just know that anything after white slashes is me and pink slashes is .

Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and that you don’t want. But how do you do it? I’m totally lost here. I don’t even know where he hangs out in the school. I also know during your spots-trip to Inaba, you’re supposed to say that you like Akihiko when you’re talking to Rio and Yuko in the hotel. Persona 3 Portable – Christmas Date: The third and last dialogue possibility for these extra bedroom scenes, which you can access any Monday or.

Persona 3 (Video Game)

Little bit about myself. My hometown is Texas. My hobbies are drawing,playing Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, roleplaying,ect. D But it would be nice, if you do remember it. My real name is Storm, use it if you want. Design Yukari has short, light-brown hair and brown eyes.

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Opt to play as a female and one of your secondary goals can be to become one of the male characters’ “girl” and date him. Two of your choices are moody outcast Shinjiro and his best friend, pampered rich boy Akihiko. If you choose Shinjiro, you will even change his fate and — spoiler alert here — keep him from dying in the game. Moderate Instructions Shinjiro’s Girl 1. Increase your academic, charm and courage ratings.

These three ratings will raise your social link score. The higher your social link score, the better chance you have of wooing any of the potential boyfriends. Speak with Shinjiro at every opportunity. The more you speak with him, the more you will raise your connection level with him. After October 4th, in-game time, you can begin dating him if you have spoken with him every time you could. Continue to speak with him when he’s confined to a hospital bed and confess that you love him when given the opportunity.

Dissuade him from putting himself down and continue to choose dialog options that show him you care about him. Eventually, he will confess that he loves your character as well. This will keep him alive.

Awkward Tartarus Exploration XD